Dollhouse furniture, beds and drapery

I began by making dollhouse drapery. I still make drapery but I discovered that making furniture is much more interesting and challenging.

I am always looking for ‘the road less travelled’. I love modern and Art Deco.  and Hollywood. I like all that is different and unusual.

The pictures on this web-site are to give you decorating ideas. I have tried to present a wide variety of styles to inspire you.

Please visit my Etsy Shop. If you do not see the item there, just contact me.

Custom Work

If you have a picture of an exotic piece that you would like to own, send it to me and we will discuss. I will give you a price and send pictures of the work in progress for your approval.

I do not consider a colour change to be custom work. If you see an item on the Etsy shop that you would like in a different colour, just contact me and I will make it for the same price.

Classes and Tutorials

If you have any questions or would like to attend a class, please contact me.