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Cafe Vienna

Inspiration for this came from  two directions.  As a tourist, I fell in love with Vienna.  I took the picture that you see out the window.  The old marble buildings, the dark woods, the lace and the sparkle of crystal.

Then at Mini Ha Ha one year I won a wonderful Expresso machine made by Kelly Pinheiro of Orono.  I had to find a place for it!  I put the two together because Coffee reigns supreme in Vienna.

The outer walls of this box are made of  1/2 inch Builders Foam, carved and painted to look (I hope) like white marble.  Builders Foam is a fascinating product.  It is light, carvable, sandable, paintable, it can be spackled and wallpapered as well.  It is also very inexpensive!  It is not durable enough for a childs hands but is ideal for an adult room box.  It can be made to look like old stone, brick, marble, stucco...the list goes on.

If you would like to learn more about this product, contact me.  I am considering doing classes in Cambridge.