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Dollhouse furniture, beds and drapery

I began by making dollhouse drapery. I still make drapery but I discovered that making furniture is much more interesting and challenging.

I am always looking for 'the road less travelled'. I love modern and art deco. Steam Punk and Hollywood. I like all that is different and unusual.

The pictures on this web-site are to give you decorating ideas. I have tryed to present a wide variety of styles to inspire you
If you would like to purchase an item.

Please visit my Etsy Shop. The link is in the top right hand corner. If you do not see the item there, just contact me.

Custom Work

If you have a picture of an exotic piece that you would like to own, send it to me and we will discuss. I will give you a price and send pictures of the work in progress for your approval.

I do not consider a colour change to be custom work. If you see an item on the Etsy shop that you would like in a different colour, just contact me and I will make it for the same price.

Classes and Tutorials

These are new additions to the web-site. If you have any questions or would like to attend a class, please contact me.

I accept Pay Pal, cheque or money order.